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Patrimonio Azul “Gourmet” Arbequina 500cc


Gourmet EVOO is an Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety.

This product comes bottled in a 500ml opaque white bottle which in turn is packaged in a box to preserve the quality of the EVOO and ensure it arrives at your home in perfect condition.

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In order to produce Olibaeza’s Premium EVOO, an Integrated Production control system is implemented, in which strict environmental and quality controls are put in place. This process maintains the quality of the olive grove, the olive and the extra virgin olive oil. This oil is harvested and extracted in the first harvest at the beginning of October.

This product is extracted from olives of the Arbequina variety, giving us an EVOO with smooth undertones ideal for more delicate palates. In cooking it can be used in all types of dishes, both raw and cooked, and is especially recommended for confectionary.

For optimum storage, we recommend keeping EVOO in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Ficha técnica

Variety 100% Arbequino
Production Area Plantations in Baeza (Jaén – Spain)
Tasting notes Green olive fruitiness and ripe notes; fruity aromas of banana, almond and grape skin with green and herbaceous notes stand out on the nose. It is very smooth and fluid on the palate, with strong hints of almond and banana. Almost imperceptible bitterness and slight spiciness at the back of the throat. Balanced and harmonic.
PreparationCold extraction. Maximum of 4 hours from harvesting the fruit.
Presentation500 ccc
Storage suggestionStore in a cool place, away from heat and sunlight
Maridaje“Arbequina Gourmet” olive oil works well with: Fish and seafood, poached or grilled. Fruit salads. Perfect for desserts. Sauces and carpaccios.

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