What is it?

Picual Family EVOO is a traditional oil. Derived from centuries-old olive trees in Baeza (Jaén), it is made with ripe olives of the Picual variety, harvested between November and December.

Throughout the process, an agricultural system, called Integrated Production, is implemented to protect and care for the environment.


5-Litre bottle

Picual Family EVOO comes in clear 5-litre PET bottles with a black pouring stopper and handle for easy use. This type of container is ideal for storing your oil all year round, whilst also being good value for money. Sold in boxes of three bottles.

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CO2-Litre bottle

Picual Family EVOO also comes in clear 2-litre PET bottles with a black pouring stopper and side handle for easy use. Its lightweight and user-friendly pourer make it very easy to use in the kitchen. Sold in boxes of six bottles.

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Tasting & Pairing

Picual Family EVOO is green in colour with yellowy tones. Some of its tasting notes include:

  • Ripe olive fruitiness; aromas of almond and apple stand out on the nose.
  • Well-balanced on the palate with bitter and very mild spicy undertones. Delicate and balanced.  

To perfectly pair our Picual Family EVOO, you can use it in all kinds of dishes, especially stews, fried foods, salads…

Integrated Production