Baeza’s countryside has a long-standing tradition of olive growing. Records show that olive trees have been grown on this land for more than 2,000 years.

Olive grove production is currently one of Jaén’s main economic activities, with more than 63,000,000 olive trees across the province, forming one of the largest green areas in Andalucía. This cultivation is considered one of the most important in Europe for conserving the biosphere.

We can enjoy this special landscape in Baeza, a World Heritage Site, from the Cerro del Alcázar, a fortress demolished by order of Queen Isabella I of Castile. The olive mill is named after this fortress in honour of the city’s historic past and its patron saint.


From this great cultivation of olive trees and their fruit, extra virgin olive oil is obtained, our authentic oil that is physically extracted in a natural way. This includes the production of Early Harvest EVOO (Premium EVOO and Gourmet EVOO), with soft, fruity flavours and brimming with aromas that remind us of the countryside.

Given the great bond between the olive-growing tradition and the city of Baeza, the Alcázar Cooperative collaborates with the Olive oil route (Oleotour Jaén), a programme in which visitors can enjoy the World Heritage city and its EVOOs, whilst learning to appreciate EVOO and its roots and exploring the routes and pathways where visitors enjoy an unforgettable landscape.