The Alcázar Cooperative is committed to the sustainable development of the environment, which is why it has incorporated a series of measures within the premises that ensure work is carried out in a more environmentally friendly way.

Sustainable development

Various efforts are made within the context of sustainable development. Rainwater (collected in our own tank) is used for factory work and irrigating members’ fields.

The olive stone, collected following oil extraction, is used as a biomass fuel, generating the energy needed to operate machinery and heat the rest of the company’s premises. This biofuel is also sold as an eco-friendly alternative to diesel boilers to heat homes in a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.

Integrated Production

In terms of producing oil, the Alcázar Cooperative has a technical team specialised in Integrated Production, expert professionals responsible for monitoring and advising members, ensuring that good cultivation methods are used on their plots.

Moreover, only the best olive trees and olives are selected when producing Olibaeza’s Premium EVOO made from (Early Harvest) Picual olives to create a premium product that is a real pleasure for the senses.