What is it?

Picual Premium EVOO is our flagship product, made with olives of the Picual variety, harvested at the beginning of October while they are still green in colour, just before they start to ripen (change from green to purple).

It is obtained through a rigorous selection process of our members’ olive trees in Baeza (Jaén), with special attention being paid to the harvesting process in Integrated Production.

Thanks to this, we are able to create a superior quality oil, conserving all the fruity and aromatic properties.



Gold Heritage Bottle

Picual Premium EVOO is a unique oil that calls for a special bottle with a design inspired by Baeza Cathedral. The height of the cathedral’s ceilings is represented by the slenderness of the bottle, whilst the gold adornments on a white background pay homage to the stylistic richness of this emblematic building.

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Blue Heritage Bottle

Proud of its quality and land, Baeza also plays a fundamental role in the packaging design. With a bottle inspired by the city’s traditional ceramics, its blue motifs on a white background represent the most emblematic buildings in Baeza. A quote from Antonio Machado, written by the writer and poet during his time there, is also printed on the neck of the bottle: “Countryside of Baeza, I’ll dream of you when I see you not”.

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Tasting & Pairing

Our PREMIUM EVOO is olive green in colour, which sets it apart from the other oils. Some of its tasting notes include: A green olive fruitiness on the nose with herbaceous and vegetable aromas such as tomato plant, recalling the plants that grow on our olive groves, together with riper notes of fresh fruits such as apple, mango, green banana and almond. It has a strong fruitiness on the palate, is sweet at first and evokes the same sensations as on the nose. Its touches of bitterness and spice are light, making it a well-balanced oil, with an almond aftertaste and a delicate and elegant persistence over time. To pair our Olibaeza Gourmet EVOO to perfection, you can use it with:

  • Meat, in the preparation of all kinds of dishes.
  • Fish and seafood: both raw and for preparing different sauces.
  • Pizza and pasta: in the preparation and dressing of a variety of dishes.
  • Salads
  • Desserts

Integrated Production