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Premium EVOO Jam – Pack of 3


Olibaeza’s Premium EVOO jam made with (Early Harvest) olives of the Picual variety.

This product comes in packs of 3 individual 100ml glass jars of jam. Its sweet flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment to a variety of dishes. It can be enjoyed both on its own as well as with cheese and red meat, among other pairings.


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In order to produce Olibaeza’s Premium EVOO, which is used in this jam, an Integrated Production control system is implemented, in which strict environmental and quality controls are put in place. This process maintains the quality of the olive grove, the olive and the extra virgin olive oil. This oil is harvested and extracted in the first harvest at the beginning of October.

The jam is then made in accordance with scrupulous quality control and careful pairing. Store in a cool place, away from heat and sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Ficha técnica

IngredientsPremium EVOO (Early Harvest Picual Extra Virgin Oil), sugar, water, xanthan gum.
ColourYellowish green
Tasting notes Smooth and thick texture, very gentle aroma of sweet oil. A real explosion of flavour on the palate, where sugar and extra virgin olive oil are mixed together, evoking flavours of yesteryear
Presentation100ml glass jars
Storage suggestion Store in a cool place, away from heat and sunlight
MaridajeBread, cheese, roast meat, salads, raw foods

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